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Diesel Ford Driving ‘Redneck’ Loves the Mud

Diesel Ford

If you’re a fan of Ford-loving girls who aren’t afraid to get muddy, this Instagram account is a must-follow!

  Comments | By - March 22, 2018

Raptor in the U.K.: Brits Love the Beastly Ford Truck, too

Auto Express with the Raptor

The host of this video calls the Raptor “an utterly addictive, surprisingly competent high performance pickup”.

  Comments | By - March 22, 2018

Blue Oval’s Bill Ford Talks Customer Loyalty: Throwback Thursday

Bill Ford with the F-150

The brand loyalty of Ford truck owners plays a key role in the success of the F-Series

  Comments | By - March 22, 2018

Size Matters: Is the New Raptor Too Big to Be a Great Off-Road Machine?

One enthusiast insists that the new Raptor is too big to perform well off-road. We disagree!

  Comments | By - March 21, 2018

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